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About Varied / Student It's not a real name... in Iceland! Haha, get the reference? I'm so funny....*forever alone*Female/United States Recent Activity
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One wink for a great guy
     July 20th 1969, and a young American man by the name Alfred F. Jones returns home from a long day of work. He loosens his tie and walks over to his couch to do what he loves, sit back and watch t.v. as he lounges. That night, he turned on his t.v. to watch a historical moment in history. His, history.  He's an average American guy... except for the fact that he is America. A personification of the superpower, he's gone through everything in the text books. From the Revolutionary War to the Cold War, which was going on at that time, but he had to be home for this day. The day that a man from his own home went to the moon. Neil Armstrong would be the first man to step on the moon, and Alfred was proud of Neil, NASA, and of course, himself. As he watched with serious intent, he heard the man utter " That's one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind." as he stepped out of his aircraft and onto the moon's soil where he later planted th
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Te Amo Italia, eller gor I.... Chapt. 2
     You invited Romano into the mansion and said he could stay for dinner. You grabbed your pajamas and headed to the master bathroom to put your hair up for the night and wash your face. Then, you headed out into the kitchen to get your food. As you sat down with you food (pasta and sliced italian sausage) Romano grew a quizzical look and asked you “What about my food!?”, purely baffled. Without looking up from your dinner you replied “I said you can come by for dinner. I never said a word about making yours.” He pouted for a second, then turned to look at the counter. He approached it, took something from the bowl of fruit (supplied by the garden) and walked to the sink to wash the item. He turned to face you and took a crunchy bite of a tomato. “Hey! Don’t get the juice on anything or my papa will know you were here.” You said slightly confusing the italian. You only mentioned your father because he was there sometimes
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Te amo Italia, Eller gor I...
  It was an average morning for you. You woke up to your own circadian rhythm and the sunlight shining in your face. You never truly appreciated mornings like this because that’s how almost all of your mornings were nowadays. You turned over in attempt to stay asleep. Feeling the cool side of the bed with your left arm, you wanted to move over, but didn’t want to move. After a few minuets of tossing and turning in failed attempts to get comfortable, you grabbed your soft down duvet, and threw it off you, sitting up and flipping your body 180 degrees around. You rubbed your eyes as you walked around your bed and exited your room. Your room was a beautiful room. With wonderful creme curtains that had brown accents and large french doors that opened to your balcony with a spectacular view of the garden. Your room had two creatively designed shelves that had cabinets at the bottom. and at the center of your marvelous hard-wooded floor was an elegant chandelier.
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Meh, Punk England (Iggy) sketch by CaptainPrussia Meh, Punk England (Iggy) sketch :iconcaptainprussia:CaptainPrussia 1 0 Dramatic HRE by CaptainPrussia Dramatic HRE :iconcaptainprussia:CaptainPrussia 0 3 I will always return..... by CaptainPrussia I will always return..... :iconcaptainprussia:CaptainPrussia 0 0 ....I don't even...... by CaptainPrussia ....I don't even...... :iconcaptainprussia:CaptainPrussia 0 9 Hetaween by CaptainPrussia Hetaween :iconcaptainprussia:CaptainPrussia 0 4


Mermaid Au. by KingNeroche Mermaid Au. :iconkingneroche:KingNeroche 355 15 Oh Kai. by KingNeroche Oh Kai. :iconkingneroche:KingNeroche 352 13 OC assembly 1 by PANS0L0 OC assembly 1 :iconpans0l0:PANS0L0 1,082 61 And Hope That They Won't Stab You in the Back by PANS0L0 And Hope That They Won't Stab You in the Back :iconpans0l0:PANS0L0 1,810 93 Plamen by Nekoshiba Plamen :iconnekoshiba:Nekoshiba 378 14 Captain America by Nekoshiba Captain America :iconnekoshiba:Nekoshiba 401 45 Doctor Who: Transformations are Cool! by darthfilart Doctor Who: Transformations are Cool! :icondarthfilart:darthfilart 4,487 929 11th Doctor by Maoise 11th Doctor :iconmaoise:Maoise 36 3 11th with tardis by madtenka 11th with tardis :iconmadtenka:madtenka 1,318 54 Doctor 11th by cherry-freckle Doctor 11th :iconcherry-freckle:cherry-freckle 237 8
Enjoy the pure AWESOMENESS that is my favorites!! XD



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It's not a real name... in Iceland! Haha, get the reference? I'm so funny....*forever alone*
Artist | Student | Varied
United States
Hahaha!! Alright!! Now you can learn about me!! Sit down and relax because I'm gonna ramble! First off! I love the Avengers! Especially Captain America~! I mean, common! He's awesome in every way possible! I also like anime. Death Note, Black Butler,Soul Eater, and yes.... Hetalia. I like Hetalia, yes. But I'm NOT a total fantard who has no idea of what went on during the time period it was in. I love history and have had an A in it all year because I honestly ADORE history. That's two reasons as to why I like Hetalia.... The history and geography involved. I may not be a fantard, but I'm a fan, without a doubt. I also LOOVE Disney. I'm fortunate enough to have an annual pass as well! c: I like disney because it has that magic element that a lot of theme parks and companies don't. My art is improving, but I put a lot of it away into storage, so you might not realize it. :D I'm trying to find my own style, but I want a specific look with a hint of anime, disney, and the rest just me and my style. :) So as you look through my gallery, you might realize that it starts to transform into my art! :D So enjoy!
APH: I love Prussia Stamp by Chibikaede Hetalia Fantard Stamp by Hetaclypse Hetalia is... by ViralOMNOM Hetalia and History by McMitters:thumb195788990: Loki Hiddles Smile Stamp by TwilightProwler Loki  Stamp by TwilightProwler:thumb304581633: MARVEL Cap + Hawkeye + Black Widow Stamp by TwilightProwler Wishful Thinking by whispwill:thumb178205664: i love my DS stamp (red version) by RRRAI STAMP: I support Jenna by Nekoshiba Marshmallow Stamp by Kezzi-Rose Digimon by Kurasii Professional Stamp by saporion .:Bla Bla Stitch:. by OxAmy teddy stamp by findyQ Llama  -DONT SEND ME LLAMAS- by kearei Carlton by ovstamps The Dog Face by azianwolfdoll Jack Skellington Stamp by Sinister-Starfeesh Bunneh Noses by azianwolfdoll I_love_manga-stamp by kluska-chan Pinata Stamp by Kezzi-Rose ...Hakuna...Matata... by azianwolfdoll Multilingual by SimbaTheHuman TARDIS Stamp by Kezzi-Rose Disney Stamp: Haters Gonna Hate by XxoOjunefoxOoxX WALL-E Stamp: Oh Hell No by XxoOjunefoxOoxX Up Stamp: Kids by XxoOjunefoxOoxX Cotton Candy Pikachu stamp by xselfdestructive


Current Residence: Nunya buissnezz stalkers!! But here's a hint.....I'm your neighbor
deviantWEAR sizing preference: Whatever fits
Print preference: don't have one
Favourite genre of music: what ever sounds good
Favourite photographer: errrr....
Favourite style of art: disney, anime, traditional, digital, and whatever looks presentable :)
Operating System: My what?
MP3 player of choice: ipod touch
Skin of choice: the one I'm in
Favourite cartoon character: I have many....
Personal Quote: No pain no gain! OR Every team needs a captain

....Creative/funny title goes here.....yaaaay~....

Journal Entry: Thu Jan 3, 2013, 4:55 PM
  • Listening to: MCR c:
  • Reading: Blue Exorcist and others But not as I type
  • Watching: Blue Exorcist
  • Playing: Heh, no. Cause I'm lazy! And a shut in...
  • Eating: Food.
  • Drinking: Substance.

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1. Who's your favourite movie/cartoon villain?

Loki. didn't even have to think about it. That mofo is awesome.

2. Do you prefer canon or non-canon pairings?

Errm....It honestly depends on the pairing...I don't tend to care much.

3. Which are your three favourite music albums?

Uhm....Black Parade-MCR, Conventional Weapons-MCR, (I like all the MCR albums, but those are my top 2), Reise Reise-Rammstein, other than that, it's really just a bunch of random songs...

4. What did you dream of becoming when you were little?

A vet, or an animal rescuer.... I wanted to be the effin' Steve Irwin "Crocodile Hunter" of America. Hell yeah.

5. What's the internet site you spend the most time on?

Eh, just mainly tumblr, deviantart (obviously), and youtube.

6. If you could travel back in time in your own life and do something differently from what you really did, what would you change?

Refrain from beating myself with a lead pipe and say to stop being so damn touchy and move the hell on with life!! Wow...I've got a massive chip on my shoulder... ThengivemyselfahugandsaythatI'llturnout"fine".

7. If you could be born during any time in any place, which would you like best?

Well... the past was cool...but not a good time for a kid like me... So I say "to hell with that!" and choose the future, but that's also starting to look like it's gone to
Scheiße... so this time period is perfect if you ask me!

8. What was the name of your first pet?
Shadow and Ginger, I was born into "their" family. Get it? Cause they were there first? Hah...Hahhah. No, Okay, Well, I had an all black rabbit (creatively named Blackie), my grandma (who lives with us) had birds, and I had fish too. Matter of fact, I still remember when I was 3 I tried to paint one and I got the cheap little plastic paintbrush and everything. Then my mum caught me. It was too late for the fish and it died. Wow...That's erm... God, I'm going to go ball up in a corner and cry about my pet life. But to make myself feel better, I remember one day(when I was really young), before I went to Disneyland with my cousin, we pet and held Blackie. I feel better now.

9. What would you do if you won a fortune in the lottery?

I would buy America. Moving on!

10. If a fairy allowed you to make three non-material wishes come true, what would you wish for?

I wish that I wouldn't be as much of a "diva", I wouldn't have to be so stubborn, and that the people of this planet cared more about it and the others that inhabit it. Maybe THEN I would be able to relate with people more often.

My turn!

1. Anime, or Cartoons?

2. Cuisine, favorite kind/specific dish?

3. If you could live anywhere in the world, where, when, and why?

4.What do you think is more important, History or Science, why?

5. Language? Bi, Multi, Uni? (As in do you speak more than one, if so, show it off. Don't give me any of that google/bing translate bs either.)

6. How is your life with pets? Have 'em, had 'em, want 'em?

7. If you could go anywhere with your bestfriend, where? (Name 'em/tag em in your answer c:)

8. Favorite book series, what about it makes it so awesome?

9. Do you like cooking? What, why?

10. What kind of music do you like? (why?)

Tagging! (this'll be hard because I don't have many friends...)

1. :iconlizardgirl123:

2. :iconlalacrystals13:

3. :icondanceskatelaugh2407:

4. Forget it. Like always, I choose the three of you. Now do it and make it good.

skin by hibrid-kun


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